Apple: iPhone SE(2)

Apple has launched iPhone SE for 2020, starting at the (relatively) lower price of $399 with interesting top-end specs.

What interesting is the timing of this launch? Given the pandemic creating havoc, it might not seem the best time to roll out the ship a new product. And if we look closely it actually makes sense.


With the economy in shambles and PCE being low, Apple is firing on all cylinders to boost sales without burning hole in consumer’s pocket while targeting a large mid-range smartphone market.

People can’t try before buying as most Apple stores closed and buying iPhones online becomes more attractive with an appealing price and latest offering using strategies similar to brands like Xiaomi.

Question of cannibalizing its premium iPhone sales also arises. The probable explanation can be that the lost sales from pricier models will be recovered from the bulk of iPhone users upgrading from their old phones and converting Android users to Apple ecosystem, considering fancy new iPhone users do not switch to the lower-priced SE.

Any thoughts? Do share in comments.



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