Beyond the Usual Suspects: Hidden Gems for Product Management Nerds

Arush Sharma
2 min readApr 16, 2024


Hey, fellow product warriors! We all know the big hitters in the product management blogosphere — Mind the Product, Inside Intercom, Marty Cagan’s Silicon Valley Product Group.

But what about those under-the-radar resources brimming with fresh perspectives & insights?

As product managers, we’re bombarded with information overload. So, today I’m sharing a few hidden gems I’ve stumbled upon in my quest for product knowledge. These blogs and newsletters might not have the brand recognition of the giants, but their content is pure gold:

  • The Looking Glass by Julie Zhuo: This isn’t your typical “how-to” product management blog. Authored by the brilliant Julie Zhuo (former VP of Product Design at Facebook), The Looking Glass offers thought-provoking essays that challenge conventional thinking and push you to see the bigger picture. It’s a breath of fresh air for those seeking inspiration and a broader product vision.
  • ProdPad’s Pragmatic Product Management: While ProdPad itself is well-known, its blog dives deeper with a focus on practical, actionable advice. They feature interviews with product leaders from various industries, along with breakdowns of successful product strategies. It’s a treasure trove for PMs who like to get their hands dirty with real-world examples.
  • This is Product Management by Melissa Perri: Melissa Perri’s blog cuts through the fluff and delivers honest, insightful takes on the realities of product management. From navigating office politics to dealing with tough stakeholders, she tackles the challenges we all face but rarely sees discussed openly. It’s a refreshing dose of real talk for PMs in the trenches.
  • Herding Code by Lenny Rachitsky (yes, the same Lenny, but a different project): This isn’t your typical Lenny growth-hacking extravaganza. Herding Code delves into the fascinating world of building internal tools. It’s a must-read for PMs who manage developer relations or work closely with engineering teams.]

This is just a taste of the hidden treasures out there. So, keep exploring, keep learning, and happy product managing!