iPhone 12 —Unusually

iPhone 12 has been making news since the launch a few days back. I watched the entire launch event but couldn’t find any substantial innovation. Just a smaller phone, a bigger phone, some camera improvements and that’s it. Being interested in products, I wanted to dig a bit deeper into why consumers will still eat it up while Apple hasn’t pushed an innovative feature in a while.

On the one hand, customers/users care about better cameras, faster processors, and better ways to use integrate & use add-on accesories. The latest iPhone models deliver exactly those things, if not more. Apple may not be the most innovative company, but they know how to deliver the most satisfying user experience.

On the contrary, there are arguments that Apple is not pushing technological innovations, for example, a foldable phone until they are near perfect and integrate well into the whole ecosystem. Apple’s greatest innovation is its ecosystems of devices that customers are locked in & are upgrading within the ecosystem. And customers love how seamless these devices work together. That’s the front of innovation, other tech-giants won’t be able to match.

Also, due to their sheer size and public shareholding, the amount of risk involved to pivot their flagship product could be fatal for them. It is easier to reduce incremental innovation costs, to easily ramp up profits to a well-established market base.

With the Apple watch rapidly evolving as a preventative health device or designing a room using AR/VR software and hardware updates on the iPhone/iPad devices, they need to move away from bringing attention to the individual parts and focus more on making the users understand the value of the entire evolving ecosystem as a whole.



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