Stories build Businesses!

Yuval Noah Harari has sold over 27 million books, making him one of the bestselling contemporary authors of all time. In his books, there’s nothing new, just common knowledge. What Sapiens does have is excellent writing, stories are captivating, the flow is effortless.

Same is with Bill Bryson. His latest book — “The Body” has no new info or findings. But it’s so well written that it became an instant NYT bestseller.

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Consider Tesla for a moment, it is worth more than 8X worth of Ford & GM combined. It’s not because Elon Musk has good unit economics but because he has told great stories to Investors, Customers & his Twitter followers.

This phenomenon frustrates a lot of people & energizes the other half, that the individual/firm/govt who narrates the most compelling story wins as it captures and directs attention, which is so important in a world where people are bored and impatient.

In the time to come, it’ll be easy to achieve vast improvements in perception at a marginal cost of comparable improvements in reality.

Not all innovations are required to be a novel one but an existing idea explained better!

As Ken Burns, one of the greatest documentary filmmaker once said: “The common stories are 1+1=2. We get it, they make sense. But the good stories are about 1+1=3.”




Student | Sporadic writer | Voracious reader | Traveler | Observer | Thinker

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Arush Sharma

Arush Sharma

Student | Sporadic writer | Voracious reader | Traveler | Observer | Thinker

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